Hazy Cakes

THC Magazine

Dr. J's Flying Aces are beautifully colored, fruit flavored hard candies, in the shape of card suits... it's easy to control the dose, and to have the option to eat anywhere from 10 mg to 80 mg...this is a great product to throw in your bag for an easy, on the go high.

Joe Jackson

Dr.'s Garden Dispensary

My first taste of the bar was exquisite... I initially took a dose of 40 mg and waited 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, I could feel the obvious presence of Cannabis in my system.... I would highly recommend Dr. J's for everyone seeking a quality edible product.

Bruan Sullivan

Kush Bottles Colorado

We have been working with Dr. J's for a while now, and while everyone here loves their products, we love working with everyone on their staff and appreciate the fact that they use our child safe, Colorado Compliant packaging

Greg Gamet


Since they reformulated, we haven't been able to keep their Star Barz and Flying Aces on the shelves as consumer demand has been through the roof. People love their product, their availability, and we love them because we know they are oil tested, batch tested, and the individual products are tested such that we know they are safe and at the advertised level.

High Horse

THC Magazine

Being a bit of a skeptic and someone with a decent tolerance to THC products, I decided to start off with six pieces, totaling 60mg...About an hour and a half in, I was sunk into the couch daydreaming about who knows what...this feeling I was experiencing was all from the Star Bar!